The Application Edit

What do we want to see in your application? What do you need to have to join this guild? Well, we like bringing people in to join our community, so we won't make it too hard on you :P.

Step 1: Edit

Ask either Decksson, Gaelet, or any Officer or Guild Master for a the next promotion. Depending on your current status, the Officer/GM will decide what the test will be.

Step 2: Edit

Fulfill your task! Once you have completed whatever task you have been assigned, you are in! That's all there is to it.

Default Tests Edit

  • Solo Jelly King (Elite/No revs/under 25 min solo)
  • Solo Vanaduke (Elite/No revs/under 35 min solo)
  • Reach an average of 8k damage in Lockdown (PvP)
  • Delve from depth 0-29 in a single expedition without sparking.

Any other tasks an Officer or a Guild Master have you participate in, may go up on this list, so feel free to edit.