The Difference between Lockdown and a Brawl = Etiquette Edit

First off, it's not a win unless we do it ourselves. Felixus is strongly against subbing; however, we do allow our members to sub for other guilds in lockdown. So be proud of Felix's wins because we plan to win.

Second, Felixus does not want polar spam or camping. Even in Regular LD, you represent the guild, so don't mess it up! Polar spam is allowed in specified troll games, versus bombers, or in clearly lost matches. If someone asks you to stop, do so!

Third, Felixus does not want a bunch of salty kids. If you've got something mean to say go punch your dog, don't annoy the guild or other LDers.

Felixus Rulez! Edit

Felixus must refuse a GLD match if fewer than 4 qualified GLDers are on. This is to prevent us from having terrible matches. To become a qualified GLDer you must get 15k dmg or 10k dmg and 5 caps. (each cap is 1k dmg)

Techniques Edit

If you want to learn how to LD, ask people on the GLD team and stuff. Come to our guild LD meetings in order to learn our strategies. (State secrets you know:P)

**Pro Tip** You wanna be the best? You gotta learn from the best! Watch the best in action and practice and perfect their techniques! Go to ☀ (Suggested Videos), *Bleken* (One of the best Guards to play LD), *Vokster* (The Micheal Jordan of LD), *Tempas* (Best competetive player,multi-champ), *Redblades* (Tricky, sick jukes), *Shen-Ra* (this guy is so legendary he is damn near mythology), *Blueflood* (best gunner in history), *Dutch-Oven* (Best gunner/guard combo ever), *Ezho* (biggest team player/carrier ever, hes a one man army), *Theirillusion* (Another former champ of LD, was the first to hold the EU crown in 1v1's). Watch, practice, watch, practice...etc This WILL help you improve. Whether it be a little or a lot, that's up to you. Goodluck.